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WhatsApp Income Secrets


WhatsApp Income Secrets




You may have stumbled on this course and you are wondering, WHATSAPP?? Really?
What happened to Instagram, Facebook, twitter and other ‘actual’ social media platforms, well obviously you should market your business in those platforms, but did you know that you would be limiting yourself and your business if you fail to explore the Whatsapp marketing space?
Here’s why, whatsapp has the highest number of active users with over 2 billion users (more than Instagram and twitter combined)…..
….now imagine your business missing out in so many potential new customers/clients, I’m sure you wouldn’t want that.
Whatsapp also has a whooping message open rate of over 90%, meanwhile the good old classic email services are struggling to get 50% message open rate, what does this mean?
It means whatsapp is gradually taking over emailing, both for casual and business purposes especially with the introduction of WHATSAPP BUSINESS.
In a nutshell, WHATSAPP MARKETING is the next big thing in SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING.
More and more businesses both large and small scale have started incorporating whatsapp marketing to grow their business and increase sales/revenue.
I know you wouldn’t want to be left behind.
Join over 2000 students, ENROLL NOW!! and skyrocket your business profits using the latest 2022 WhatsApp Marketing Techniques.


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