Ready to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills?

Learn 4 simple tricks to effectively

 introduce, explain, prove, and reiterate

 your key talking points!

 July, 22nd- 24th,

8:00 PM 

Effective public speaking is a learned skill. 

It’s not something you’re born with, or only for outgoing people.

With my public speaking workshop and expertise, you can spread your message 

and even turn public speaking into a successful business.

Your ability to communicate effectively accounts for 85% of your success in business and in life.

I started out speaking to 5 people. Now 9+ years later, I have built a wonderful public speaking career and have spoken to more than 2,000 audiences in over 20 states in Nigeria. I’ve been called one of the most prolific, professional public speakers in Nigeria.

Give me your 3 days and I will  share with you the very same public speaking tips and tactics I’ve personally used to deliver more than 500 talks and seminars of all types Nationwide, including at Nigeria Army Resource Centre, Abuja, Development Specs Academy, Push Africa,  Hotel De Benthly, 2021 Agrichanx  Award Conference.

You can use what you learn from my public speaking Workshop immediately to gain effective presentation skills and ultimately elevate your career.

Ujunwa Hillary

Guest Expert

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