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Public Speaking Courses

Does the opportunity of delivering a speech in front of a large audience throw you off balance?  Or do you feel pretty comfortable when talking in public but you are still looking for ways to improve your skills and get even better at motivating, engaging, persuading, presenting, and educating other people? 

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Network Marketing Courses

Network Marketing is the big wave of the future! Throughout history, there has never been an easier or better time to start your Network Marketing Profession than there is today.  Don’t forget this; The universe rewards excellence! so LEARN first before you EARN! Get Proper knowledge….. 

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Effective Communication Courses

Over 80% of people failed in life due lack of effective communication. This same issue  has destroyed a lot of marriages more than you can ever imagine and still counting! Are you communicating effectively? if you must get good at something, effective communication should be considered first!

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About Ujunwa

Ujunwa Hillary, popularly known as (Legendmum) is a Public Speaking Expert, Trainer, Author and Network Marketing Entrepreneur, with wide experience. She has created a Seven Figure Income in her current enterprise and has personally inspired many individuals to achieve remarkable success in the Network Marketing Profession and Public Speaking. She is the Founder of “The Legendary Woman” Initiative – A program that empowers women to transform their lives, live a cofident driven and forward-looking personal and professional lives.  She is very passionate about inspiring people to awaken their Financial Genius so as to maximize their potential to live a more rewarding and impactful lives.

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 What We are Great at

Public Speaking Training 

Are you full of doubts about yourself? Are you unsure that you’re good enough, or that every time you speak out someone will catch a fault in your argument or criticize you?

Learn to take it all in a stride, no one is perfect, but your fear of speaking out should never hold you back from sharing what you think! Public speaking is a noble profession and acquiring the skills gives you edge and greater opportunites at the global space! 
Learn Public Speaking Skills to develop your verbal confidence!

Network Marketing Training

 Have you ever feel so frustrated because you should be growing much faster than you are financially? Or maybe you’ve enrolled a few people, but most of them end up quitting. The few that stick around don’t really do much. Do you Sometimes feel you should just be content with a regular job, or even look at a different kind of business altogether…. But deep down you know the lifestyle you really want can only come from being a top earner in Network Marketing. Worry not! every successful networker including me felt same. The challenge is not you. it’s knowledge gap. We can help you!

 Effective Communication 

Have you ever felt like you have been held hostage in a conversation before? Have you ever being part of a conversation when you know the person talking could have said what he/she needed to say much faster and with fewer words? Have you ever being the person talking way longer than you needed to be? 

If yes, Worry not! We are commited to offering  excellent trainings on how to better your communication skills at your work place, in marriage and other personal relationships.

Highlights of Our Public Speaking Training?

 How to overcome public speaking anxiety.
 How to connect with your audience.
 Dramatically improve your speaking presence
 How to respond appropriately to your audience’s needs
 Hone your non-verbal communication skills
 Add a visual dimension to your presentation
 Capture your listeners’ attention and interest
 Create a killer business presentation step-by-step
 How to avoid common, yet costly public speaking mistakes
and many more!

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Network Marketing is the greatest Financial Vehicle in the world!…. Learn The Skills! 

The future of Network Marketing is unlimited. There is no end in sight. It will continue to grow because better people are getting into it.. soon, it will be one of the respected businesses in the world.

Are you Communicating Effectively?

One of the biggest hinderances to effective communication is talking way longer that we need to.  When you talk longer than necessary with out making any vital point, you become an emotional burden! Have you ever felt drained after having a conversation with someone?…. below are some of the consequences of lack of effective communication.

Wasted Time

We waste so much time engaging in ineffective communication and I highly doubt anyone wants to waste their time unpurpose. 

Wasted Emotions

Apart from time wasting, we also waste emotions. Ineffective communication stretches much longer than expected and negatively impact on our emotions. 


Ineffective communication leads to misunderstanding and misunderstanding leads to eventual loss of relationships. Be it marriage, workplace and  otherwise.

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Loss of Relationship

Ineffective communication leads to mistrust and so many negative impacts in relationships. No one stays in a toxic relationship for a long time!

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