Abuja, Nigeria.



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[tx_services style=”circle” title=”Innovative Public Speaker” icon=”fa-microphone”]”Absolutely brilliant. What a performer!”
Ujunwa is a Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Life Coach, whose passion is empowering people to have a larger vision for their lives.
Clients often use Ujunwa to inspire their staff and for her view point on self-Acceptance, Motivation & Self- Development. She’s an authentic presenter who offers a blend of entertainment and interaction in her presentations.[/tx_services][/tx_column]
[tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”circle” title=”Self -Development Coaching” icon=”fa-book”]The difference between two individuals is  the reflection of their qualitative analysis. There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own SELF. We have developed powerful and effective tools to help individuals and organizations awaken — and turn even their greatest challenges into opportunities. Are you ready to reach your highest potential? Get quick access![/tx_services][/tx_column]
[tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”circle” title=”Ujunwa Speaker’s Institute” icon=”fa-mortar-board”]Discover the secrets  to building a PRESTIGIOUS CAREER  as an INNOVATIVE SPEAKER. Have you ever wondered why some of the Influential Motivational Speaker(s) around the globe today barely venture into other businesses? The Answer is quite simple, Speaking profession is Noble and tremendously Lucrative! At Ujunwa Speakers Institute, we train you to become an Innovative Motivational Speaker. Learn More![/tx_services][/tx_column]

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[tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”circle” title=”Mentoring” icon=”fa-eye”]Learn how to turn your struggles into OPPORTUNITIES, into Success! Mentoring is a key component of any holistic approach to youth development and success. A problem shared with a wise person is half solved. Get inspired to speed up your life success Journey! [/tx_services][/tx_column]

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 “Someone’s Opinion Of You Does Not Have To Become Your Reality”

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