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The world is changing faster than ever. What used to take decades now takes years, or even months.

People, especially women, are overworked and under paid, they seem to have less time and less freedom.

We discovered that thousands of women turned to prostitution just to be able to pay their bills.

The sugar daddy syndrome is now the norm!

It was simply in order to help women to stand firm that we resolved to support as many women as possible towards financial empowerment. This New training Reveals 3 Secrets of Confident and Super Successful Women! 

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Legendary Woman Initiative is the Women's wing of The Millionaire Associates Project. A very powerful coalition of vibrant, resourceful dynamic and supportive women who believe there is strength in numbers.  Building women's confidence and mental state into what they desire to be is our focus!

Our Mission is to empower 1 million women in Africa to live a confident driven, more rewarding and impactful lives.

Our Vision is to grow a community of women who are mentally alert, financially stable and good home makers who will bring up responsible children for a better future.

What the Legendary Woman platform is not for

Our platform is not for feminism.


Ujunwa Hillary, popularly known as (Legendmum) is a Public Speaking Expert, Trainer and Author.  She is the Founder of “The Legendary Woman” Initiative – A program that empowers women to transform their lives to live a confident driven and resourceful  personal and professional lives.  

She is very passionate about inspiring people to awaken their Financial Genius to maximize their potential to live a more rewarding and impactful lives.

Edith Chinedum Emeagui, Popularly Known as (sister coordinator) holds a Master's degree in Public Health, Kids Angel Sch. proprietress, High Flyers publisher, mentor and a Network Marketing Entrepreneur, with outstanding experience. She has made a 7 figure income in (5) months of her current enterprise and loved to motivate others to achieve remarkable success in the Network Marketing Profession and Public Speaking. She so passionate about helping mothers to gain  financial freedom as this will  enable them to make remarkable impact in their lives, families and our society.

Eze Anthonia E, is an entrepreneur. She is a member of the board of trustees of Marc-Olivia Group of companies - a Fast growing company based in Lagos, Nigeria.
Her philosophy and life ambition is  Put People First!  she's passionate about the success of other people, justice with no compromise, impacting lives for greater height and maximizing financial success.

Mary Chisom Adigbara  is a Pharmacist,  public speaker, effective communicator and presenter. A great team player having formidable efficiency in all relevant teams she has worked in including Millionaires Associates the executive body of the Legendary woman initiative. A life long learner who seeks ways of impacting the lives of those around her. A strong believer in innovation with great interest and adaptations to creating residual wealth, financial freedom through proven guidelines . She is very passionate about  self-development as this is the core of financial and intellectual freedom.

Amb. Lydia Chinenye Ezenwa is an Entrepreneur and business coach, an educationist and a prolific writer.

 A woman with so much passion for self-development and has mentored many into achieving financial freedom. A leader per excellence, she 6-figure in her current enterprise and passionately raises women to attain great heights under the umbrella of the legendary women initiative.

Ayodele Oluwakemi is an entrepreneur and the head teacher of a fast growing school in Nigeria.
She has connected quite a number of people to health and wealth through her excellent entrepreneurial skills.
She is passionate about seeing people live a more rewarding, impactful and abundant lives.

Amb. Judith Okpala popularly known as (The Super Model) is an
 Educationist that has raised many independent men and women who have excelled in different walks of life. A 6-figure Mindset Coach who delights in raising women into attaining financial freedom in a seemingly economically unstable world. she is also an Int'l Business Consultant who is currently mentoring African women to improve on their finances  through the platform of the legendary woman Initiative.

Aguocha Amarachi is a teacher, an author and a Network Marketing Entrepreneur. She has inspired many especially women to achieve desired dreams in her Field. She is the founder of Goshen Kiddies Academy. She is also a member of Legendary woman intiative. A program aimed at transforming women's life financially so as to be useful to themselves, families and society.

My name is Nwanneka Otogbolu popularly known as Osodieme.
She is a teacher, trainer, public speaker, politician and an entrepreneur with wide experience.  She has been able to mentor and produce good teachers and many leaders her organization.
As a politician, She has made positive impact in the lives of many especially women.
She looks forward to building an empire of Women of substance!


  • Discover Your Purpose
    When you find your WHY, you don't hit snooze any more! You find a way to make it happen!  
  • Live Transforming ProgramsExperience learning opportunities beyond your imaginations! - build relationships while learning from women who've been in your shoes.
  • Connect with Like Minds and build a great platform
    Join a strong group of driven vibrant women who pledge to support each other in reaching their goals.
  • Build Confidence and Financial Freedom
    Learn how to Face challenges and overcome fear from women who have been in your shoes. 
  • Leverage on the Power of Community
    No matter the challenge, you don’t have to face it alone. Being a part of a community of vibrant and dynamic women will make a lot difference!. 
  • Great Source of Inspiration- Hearing the amazing stories of challenges overcome and lessons learnt from other successful entrepreneurs is a huge motivator.
  • It's a Great Way to Find a Mentor
    A mentor helps make your journey more successful through guidance. This you can find in our community.

Life is too short to waste!

Nothing is as painful as not living a purposeful life- but it’s up to you to take the first step.

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